Verses Vs. Anhedonia

by Ospreyshire

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This is my debut album as Ospreyshire. It's a mini-concept EP dealing with the concepts of rising above in spite of self-loathing and the wrongs of this world.


released November 30, 2016

Curtis M.: Vocals, Acousmatics, Noises, Omnichord, Photography, Album Art, Lyrics

Liner Note layout: Dave Emmerson

© 2016 Curtis M.

Courtesy of ZAP Records:



all rights reserved


Ospreyshire Campton Hills, Illinois

Spoken word verses coalesce with brief acousmatic and experimental noises in such urgent timing. This microcosm of experimentation is the M.O. of Curtis M. AKA Ospreyshire. Is he a poet who dabbles in the avant-garde or an abstract artist who uses free verse poems? Ospreyshire could care less and just release these crystalized moments in sonic form. ... more

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Track Name: Carapace
How do I revitalize a necrotized soul
To control vitality down to each scintilla
As my back becomes a pincushion for
Fraudulent friends
Ending amicable bonds
I want to trust again
But it's hard to trust when one dons
A Carapace
I want to trust again...
Track Name: Servile Fear/Theophobia
All I see is trouble with
Subconscious actions when I believe that
Everything I do is a vice...

I've seen You as a judge
But I wanted You to be a father
I've seen You as a jury
But I wanted You to be a redeemer
I've seen You as an executioner
But I've wanted You to revive
I've seen others fall away
I do confess to have wavered as well
I don't want to put You to the test
All I want is for You
To show that love is real
Track Name: My Heart Is A Crater
My heart is a crater as I've emptied out
Desires and past hobbies purged in the
Shimmering fire of May, yet I still want
Things to seal this crevasse in my chest
To no avail
Track Name: Gilded Lives
The golden pretense to gild lives
Twisting chapters, twisting truth for them to be the one true believer?
Faithful? Annointed? The one percent? When the banner was made to
Provide the destitute there?
These sermons must collapse
Track Name: Incomplete Specters
Incomplete Specters haunt the subconscious
Mind stealing remnants of pure joy
Razing foundations...raising infernal kingdoms
With destruction like Deimos
Send forth the sabers!
Call forth the cannon fire!
To vanquish these vices
An internal fray...a cerebral exorcism
Quelling and dispelling fear
Track Name: You Are A Constellation
You are a constellation guiding and
Enlightening when my universe lay bleak
As I approached the event horizon
That resembled my worst weeks
The planets themselves violently laugh
As I was clothed in wormholes eating away
At my frame or my place in time.
Please save me again...
Track Name: Osteopathic Mutation
I can feel liberation emitting
From my marrow as it secretes
Through my pores...eroding
All chains that grappled my
Helpless body...such a bizarre
Mutation awakening by radical
Nuclei as my cells scream
This soul shall be released
No bondage shall prosper.
I'm a victim no more