Dear Innovare​.​.​.​The Souls of Ignored Pioneers Shall Be Renowned

by Ospreyshire

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Innovations have risen Millennia after millennia Of aesthetics, functionality, and even life saving measures Become norms to our present day The Originator blessed those to improve fields large and small However, the unscrupulous get fame As they steal and don't create That or the good become obscured Its why demons incarnate Can only imitate what they see or hear This larceny rarely gets checked These are the stories of those wronged for their nature for daring to craft archetypes Since imitation was backhanded
Ishango 01:57
Intro: [Lingala] Tosalaki eloko ya sika (Eloko ya sika) Mokuwa oyo ekosunga bato pona koyekola mitango (Koyekola mitango) Tozali basali ya eloko ya sika (Eloko ya sika) Over 20,000 years ago, we crafted something still being taught to future generations. We made a calculator and calendar from a baboon's bone. What a prime way for instructions from a primate. We solved problems and tallied up solutions. Nzambe bless our methods. Counting lunar cycles, adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying notch by notch. We made generations smarter and efficient. We know other civilizations wouldn't be born in millennia. Our technology shall not be fractured, only modernized in future ages. Ishango=Innovation (repeat) [Repeat intro]
Bodies kept dropping in Boston In the century of their so-called Lord in the 18th century While I wasn't the same as the saint of the Byzantium, We were both in bondage My master begged me to save him and the city With my memory from the motherland before I was chained Once I was useful like my enforced foreign namesake, more kept breathing All I want is credit and freedom, doctors I don't know about their originator, but I had stubbornness to accept the faith of those who captured me Shame on me Boston would've been a ghost town without my medical services
Hours upon hours were spent reverse engineering and solving boring math problems given to me to kill time I didn't want to kill it I wanted to keep it watch after watch I took them apart and reconstructed them at will I wanted something bigger, so I stretched my hands Every minute and hour of my life These faces grew as did my ambitions The majority of this country were confounded that someone they oppressed made something America, I am the grandfather of your clocks You can count on that.
I was the son of runaways, yet I would soon be the ignored father of electricity Draft after draft, I would progress in my innovations despite the lack of praise Gardens of inventions would be under my watch They would certainly bloom Trains would look like outhouses on wheels without me I even drew up the first phone designs Ask Alexander about that Then came my electric lamp Carbon would be king to shine brighter and longer How well was a paper filament, Thomas? I was an originator The bigger One knows who I am when others give blank stares This incandescent electric freeman lives whenever you turn a light on
Lebombo 01:42
Intro: [Zulu] Sisungule ithuluzi elisha Leli thambo lizosiza abantu ukutui bafunde izinombolo Singabaqambi bethuluzi elisha In ancient times at the continent's Southern points in the mountain range We told time, counted the days, and tracked the moon All it took was a baboon fibula tally by tally We taught our people from the highest to lowest veldts At least 44,000 years ago This wasn't decoration This was for education as the Originator blessed us and those up north for our tools [Repeat intro]
A World War and racial segregation Wasn't going to stop me from saving lives Soldiers were dying I knew how to innovate in times like these And even my enemies at home had to bank on it Every type was given to me to save lives I chilled the sources and stored them for emergencies Next, came the samples as cargo on the go To hospitals and beyond 15,000 in the UK alone Better thank my inventions for saving their lives Too bad my employer threw racist pseudoscience As to who got transfusions or not I would be cut off from this world But my method of saving lives continues
More watchful eyes had to be manufactured Whether hidden or overt, security had to be in order All it took was the technological genius Cameras became placed Ruffians would think twice before invading Under those watchful cybernetic eyes The Originator blessed this woman to utilize these cameras Protecting others Those eyes will live on Closed circuits, open mind
No one ever believed the blind could be restored to see Those were saved for fairy tales Science had to be called into change reality and several lives It took a woman's touch to make it happen There would be an innovative way to wash the blindness away Under medical watch and an array of lasers This medical maven would shape reality First was oblivion Then came walking trees Next was technicolor sight No spit was involved But technology and pure scientific grit The eyes have it now (X3)
His mom's heart stopped beating Those tears were enabling To ensure every heart can keep Beating at healthy paces Keep on building So many robberies and extortion Plagued many businesses The front end would take the Brunt of it until he improved On those registers Keep on building Monitors, keyboards, and programming Would craft into a high-tech archetype For an eventual household and office item Games, research, and work can be done Nothing personal, just a computer Keep on building
America, you needed to be cleaned up in so many ways I was only one man, but I had to make things right on a twofold account I started with your laundry There would be a new kind of care for your clothes and I id it in a dry fashion like you've never seen before Millions of businesses would be created because of me Next came real freedom fighters The bread I got from my invention Went towards those who wanted every man, woman, and child To be free and equal Its more than what a piece of paper could say I hope they keep on fighting How does it feel seeing a man like me being the first of his community to own a patent?
An unmarked grave is where my mortal frame rests, yet my inventions let people sleep in style Wooden frames and canopies were built for luxury and durability where commoners can sleep like kings and queens even to this day While Ohio and Kentucky weren't always kind to me, I knew I had to have a twin set of endurance My ethic, diligence, and carpentry had to see me through and spring into action Brothers, sister, your freedom was paid for from my classy beds patent or not They saw my name on every frame I wish my company would've withstood the flames of envious arsonists I would free those who were like me My life has been used for the greater good Let me rest
Falling from the empyrean They managed to ascend on the earth Their names were in lights with infintismal points The innovators pushed to the side from the emulations with their ways and mores of supine larceny Denials echo as earworm choruses worldwide with tunes, moving pictures, and museums The masses become allured now knowing or caring that these were imitations Originator, suffer not the true catalysts of Innovare Penniless and undermined The descendants want to demand restitution Some emulations were honest, yet it was worse with excuses for the trendiest prints of ignored canvases
I alternated from nation to nation like the currents I created Eventually, I became a Serbian in New York An infantry of patents would be my brainchildren Of course, its a shame that Thomas would steal my originator title He smeared my name when he shocked the elephant The nerve of his bullying Electricity still became my forte and I wouldn't coil under pressure I wish things would've been better than feeding pigeons and being alone My body would be sent to Belgrade (Beograd) where I would be a hero Thomas, you may have won the popularity contest, but you'd be nothing without me Wouldn't it be funny if someone drove something with my name on it?
[Yoruba] O ti ja aworan wa Mase paro ki o so pe o se awon ohun-oso wonti Awon ile iso re je awon ewon Je ki a je ki eyi se alaye si o [French] Rends-nous notre art maintenant!
Born into chains and auction blocks I was under the eyes of the Davis family I vowed not to be chattel and kept myself learned Those steamboats in the South enraptured me Yet they could only do so much One bad turn and a famine or shortage can occur No need to steer people wrong and I would figure the right angles for this problem Enter the propeller! (X4) My design made these steamboats faster, more efficient, and had better navigation Shame how my patent was denied (X4) My former captors including the president of the South tried and failed to credit themselves for what I made I dreamed of more despite my heartbreak Isaiah, the rest is up to you.
There was always a lie That someone of my complexion never invented anything They surely never met me I was known only as Ned I created the cotton scraper Much like how my master took humans like me, he took my invention So, Stewart. How did you come up with my scraper again? Even the patent office rejected you again and again You're so typical in your laziness When I cried, sweated, and bled more than you could imagine
Do You feel shame stealing melodies? (X2) The spotlight must feel so nice You can't see the enlightened leaving you Its larceny in your backyard (X2) Don't act like you're so confused You put ignoramuses in a big daze You live atop a mountain of theft (X2) I hope endless water floods your realm You won't rise anymore How many years must you get away? (X2) I guess your fans became a shield Protecting you from swift justice Joan Baez Anne Bredon Jake Holmes Bert Jansch Howlin' Wolf
[Igbo] I bu ihe nleda anya [Yoruba] Nitori ti o ji wa aworan [Hausa] Bidajen kayan tarihin ku ya sa aka kama su. I ghotara? You better return what's ours!
I didn't care anymore how my last name was spelled after my time on earth Just know that I was an innovator people haven't heard of My family and I were in bondage in the Old Line State Whenever I could, I'd learn from the children of my captors That education would come to use Printer offices and the Naval Academy would see my intellect Too bad my captors got most of my pay My greatest achievement involved gun barrels, pewter, steel, and random junk With this mechanical trash came the first steam engine My patent was denied even when my brainchild bought my family's freedom Don't deny my innovations By the way, steampunks. You're ever so welcome.
Quit complaining that success was the only reason you got caught You need reality to set you straight, not a whole lotta fantasies Your excuses are lemons better suited for lemonade to quench your desires Watch your step on that killing floor, you band of pirates Keep trying to bring your subterfuge Willie Dixon Howlin' Wolf Robert Johnson Albert King Bobby Parker Sonny Boy Williamson
Madame CJ Walker, you weren't the first lady of that honor You were a former client of her From Metropolis, Illinois to St. Louis, then to the Second City was the first beauty expert of her time Hair, face, hands All became better with Malone's expertise for those with melanin She built a college just for cosmetology Despite $14 million in her prime, you stole those formulas Women of all colors benefited from the Poro Brand CJ...or is it Sarah? You'd be nothing without Annie She lost her business, but she won't be lost in history anymore No woman can be attractive Without a beautiful complexion and an innovative mind
[Wolof] Luy sa tiis? Am nga tere xewoonu Afrig? Yeena ngi saacee yi [French] Comprends maintenant? Vous ne possedez pas notre histoire!
There will be no hats off To the glorified filchers of rock n' roll Raking in millions for their laziness Resting on instrumental talent Its time to shake this fake originality down to make way For real innovators There will be no more pinching and crediting one's self in this zone That will never happen Since people have been lambasting you Moby Grape Bert Jansch Bukka White
Our island was the only one of its kind until you copycatted our geography I am the mayor, yet you made a clone with a big head just like me You think you made some edible paradise, but everyone is bloated and sick of your world I thought you'd credit us for our existence That certainly wasn't the case I'm not the Originator, but I'm the one true mayor And I'll put your million dollar fraud in its place My island's filled with puppets, but there's no strings attached With our living justice I've dealt with witches and I'm going to deal with you and your high-calorie junk food of a haven Your land wouldn't exist without mine, but at least our island is healthy and theft-free
Stop believing that you own all the dreams 2010 degrees of lies aren't fooling us You don't need a DC Mini or an appealing alter-ego To shatter deception or the world around you We're not ghosts though we can float in hotel hallways We made the spice to delve into dreams within dreams or converging reality Years before you had a thought The mass's perception is flawed Because they see your take on caped crusaders We'll keep the real dreams alive though our creator passed on Awards won't save you, deluded thief You're another soul in the demented parade [Japanese] Soshi-sha ja nai. Anata wa akumu da. Soshi-sha ja nai. Anata wa akuma da!
I no longer wanted to be down After you took my crown and cashed it in for millions of pounds So shamelessly I had to strengthen my heart To withstand all your darts that multiplied from the start Of your thievery Originator be my guide May justice be on my side Halstead will be filled with pride with the trophy that's rightfully mine You think you can do what you will I made you admit your guilt How does it make you feel that you're forced to know my name? Take a picture now (X6) To immortalize your shame
Did it feel good opening for that band? Did it excite you when you wanted that heavenly acoustic riff? Did it arouse you to become rock gods from one song? Did it please you when their leader drowned saving his son? Did it heal your soul that the plaintiffs didn't match your bank accounts? Did you smile even when that constellation called you on your stolen bull? Jay Ferguson Mark Andes John Locke Ed Cassidy Randy California SPIRIT!!!
Disposable generations mandated by unseen authorities The young are on the front lines across TV screens Abductions from schools to teach them to be gladiators or assassins What kind of government would copy this tournament of death? Its all sanitized keeping it PG-13 despite the dystopian realms where people starve How foolish to volunteer to kill The guise of arrows and secret lands were paltry The governance claims to be originators, but that's a bloody ruse The first mandate only involved killing, but this one stole from it Stealing and killing as they disguise themselves as angels of light, yet soar with blood-drenched wings They fly mocking at these conscripted warriors as their tournament is an expensive sham You think you're so royal(e)
I, Axum 01:02
Were the invaders fascinated by my beauty? I stood tall in this living city My creators took care of me every step of the way Its a shame they never foretold of my destruction and abduction While my homeland was never colonized, I was taken defiled, and cloned I'm disgusted by my inferior leaning tall north of me My people...rescue and reconstruct me The world must know I exist May the originator give me renown despite my obscure state
You think crediting someone's mom was good enough? How pathetic It shows how much you don't care You're too busy making custard with blues legends' works Heads are hurting from your ill-gotten success Yet the masses continue praising You when it was undeserved on so many levels Sleepy John Estes Bukka White Blind Boy Fuller Ritchie Valens Oh, so now you want to start acknowledging others?
Albert Holly 03:17
Abington-on-Thames and Lake Placid are fighting about what never belonged to them Covering their tracks from a real cover song Too busy calling Pablo or lusting for life Ignoring the vital air around them Too selfish to notice they aren't free From an originator At least the first cover knew it's dues It knew it's dues You won't get hitched by following ladies Even when they end up at your shows Same with stalking melodies you didn't write Absinthe won't make your song better nor will those dead notes They're so desperate They're so freaking desperate Just let the air in...
This is WOSPR Speaking Foreign shores wanted more in store for stealing funky scores Saturday night brought the fight to ignite to prevent the plight as we regained our rights No matter if its Brooklyn, Echo Park, or Tulsa, Oklahoma. We'll get our song back and clear your pop-coated aroma The oil capital's gonna get ya uptown, downtown, any town Everybody sing like the Originator told ya: We gonna strike back with this groove!
I would never meet my captor's grandson, but I can only thank him from the beyond as he put my name on the record Shame on this country for not realizing my brainpower and physical endurance Robert, Cyrus, you know it's true The reaper wouldn't exist without me I guess people like me are used to doing all the heavy lifting 1834 saw the birth of this new tool However, the McCormick's names were on it Cyrus II, you did what you could to make things right I may have been a slave, but I was still an inventor
Attention! [French] Nous avons des vautours de la culture a venir! Notre musique est attaquee! Marche en avant! Oui, monsieur! Barnwell, Baranquilla, Gary, Portsmouth We're coming for all of you Your status as godfathers, hip shakers, kings, and misdemeanors Have nothing on us We'll keep marching on (X2) [French] Nous devon securiser le berceau de nos ancetres (de nos ancetres) [X4] What do we want? (Our original tunes!) When do we want them? (Right now!) (X4)
[Zulu] Bass voice: Kumele adale Baritone voice: Inkosi yethu izokwaziwa Tenor voice: U-Linda ungumbali wangampela wengoma Johannesburg was where the lion was born It had a roar that shook the concert halls Collective voices made sure no one slept Only controlled by the uncrowned king Ethnomusicologists stepped in To colonize the canorous monarch's song That lion was poached as it reached stateside Leaving the king without a cent to his name What a token gesture that was thievery New York and Burbank usurped his throne His daughters were neglected by their greed They had to keep that lion and king alive
Such a naughty girl typical in copying imagery Not from precambrian times, but from 2018 I wouldn't blame your man or blaming fire But your employers who were accomplices It sucks to be you abducting the black house While you call your vanity project a "gift" Your daughter must be so proud of you Your shame ya mobali ya mobali [Lingala for "To the right, to the right"] Oh wait, you have none You may be called a queen, but I see a phony Keep thinking you're a survivor [Lingala] Ozali mokonzi mwasi te Ozali nkosi te Ozali Nzambe te!
[Swahili] Tazama! Mfalme anainuka! Tazama! Ukweli utatawala! Tazama! Hatutakubali wafalme bandia! Father, I hear your voice in the eastern sky Mother, I hear you from the constellations I will make you both proud in being the one true emperor As I express myself in this human song, I will right these misdeeds I'll still have unity with mankind and the wildlife in my kingdom I've survived capsized ships, weapons, and bigger animals, and I'll survive this (Japanese backup vocals: Taitei o nagaku ikiru) (Swahili backup vocals: Mfalme ni bandia. Wambariki mfalme wa kweti) I hear the cries from Kinshasa, Toronto, Saitama, Grimes, Kigali, Kampala, Dodoma, and Nairobi While I fight for peace and make sure my kingdom has dignity I have to address the king who swindled me You wouldn't exist without me, but you're so full of pride (Japanese backup vocals: Kare wa honto shishi desu.) (Swahili backup vocals: Ukweli unaishi ndani yake. Akawa ukweli!) Like uncle, like nephew You enjoy usurping the throne Your gods had no worries Profiting and suing others For cultures they don't own Much like your father you dreamed of Devastation and deceit Have you seen a human before? Have you found a way To punish without genocide by starvation? Shame on those humans who are allured By your mate's bedroom eyes Was she your sister or your cousin? You vagabond in denial I never ran away when my parents died Artifice flows through you And permeates every time that you breathe You tried blocking my existence And denying it, too You're a false king I'll break your deception (X3) Cause I'm the one true emperor Copycats get no mercy!
Fifty-seven patents not that I'm blowing steam Glowing with overlooked esteem Not fronting or stunting You'll know more than just my name Than some hall of fame Everybody trying to plagiarize my work Like parasitic jerks But they can never materialize my prized inventions A folding ironing board? Built that! Lawn sprinkler? Built that! Oil lubricators? Built a bunch of those! I was never bored when I was a tinkerer With indicators pointing to me being an inventor like no other The stars and stripes and the maple leaf Better recognize and save their gripes for some fakers and thieves Who da realest? Elijah! (X8) Colchester, keep it real, eh?
I'm not an Edison clone The railroads were my domain The damage in those fields were staggering, so I started with the telegraphony Relayed messages ensured safety, wire by wire Then Edison wanted credit for my work How nice, I sued and beat him twice He was on his knees begging me to work for him. Nah, bruh I kept my head up and crafted overhead lines to clear road traffic of cable cars Automatic brakes, circuits, and egg incubators Would become part of my repertoire Although I would rest in an unmarked grave for sixty-five years My name would be on streets and schools I'm glad the afterlife wasn't the end of the line for me All aboard the originator's express!
Doctors, kings, educators, singers, and many more Who dare to be outside hellish boxes deserved the praise for their endeavors While history books may not have their names in stone, they shall be immortalized for future days No more theft No more exploitation No more ignoring This prayer shall extend to those daring to put dreams into practice The world is certainly too heinous for its own good And thieves will try to steal They cannot take the originators in them Dear Innovare...The souls of ignored pioneers shall be renowned These archetypes shall be remembered Forever and ever So shall it be written So shall it come to reality


Ospreyshire has been on a roll recording things in 2019 so far. Besides some compilation exclusives and a couple of singles made, and another EP, there was one thing missing in this discography…a full-length album. A long player was lacking and the solution involved poems and songs for a whole new concept album. The final results involved forty-one of them.

Dear Innovare…The Souls of Ignored Pioneers Shall Be Renowned is the first full-length album from Ospreyshire and it is nothing like any previous EPs or singles. While his trademark acousmatics, avant-garde leanings, and spoken word vocals do return, there are more great additions. There are more organic instruments used this time around and there are songs that incorporate some programmed elements. It’s also a genre roulette of sorts as elements of electronic, acoustic, blues, post-rock, digital hardcore, shoegaze, acapella, folk, and even rap show up in some forms. The production is all lo-fi and DIY, but the result only strengthens the truthful narrative in these stories.

This is a concept album much like previous EPs. Verses Vs. Anhedonia was an autobiography dealing with elements of depression. Pathos Formula Wave: One Score of Rage was a compilation of angry letters to those who hurt in him the past. Dear Innovare is a collage of stories and narratives about numerous creators. These stories involve inventors, doctors, engineers, musicians, animators, filmmakers, business owners, and many more. Many of them have been overlooked for several reasons and some of those people were ripped off by those more famous than them. These tracks are homages to those who were forgotten and some of them simultaneously bash the rip-offs in question. Dear Innovare incorporates smaller song or poem cycles that are part of the larger concept. There’s the About A Benjamin trilogy which is about African-American inventors all named Benjamin who have contributed to innovations still used to this day even though the history classes have been neglectful in talking about them. The Art Theft trilogy is about three specific African nations who’ve had their art and artifacts looted while being placed in European museums. Those nations (Benin, Senegal, and Nigeria) are trying to get what’s rightfully theirs. Larceny By Dirigible is a five-part acoustic rock cycle which excoriates a certain classic rock band who made a career on plagiarizing various blues, folk, and other rock artists. In hindsight, they’re a glorified cover band at best. Pugnam Contra Fures Leonis is a interconnected trilogy which covers one of the most controversial film plagiarism scandals in history as a certain franchise is responsible for a legacy of theft, cultural appropriation (while grossly misrepresenting said cultures), and even an attempt to block something original from getting exposure. At the same time, it honors two different musicians and an animated series that were stolen.

Dear Innovare…The Souls of Ignored Pioneers Shall Be Renowned is an ambitious album and certainly the most creative one Ospreyshire has created thus far. Feel free to to be enlightened by these poems and songs while also immersed in his experimental forms of audio art.


released December 27, 2019

Curtis M.: Vocals, acousmatics, percussion, keyboards, mbira, panflute, Stylophone, lap dulcimer, steel drum, Omnichord, programming, ukulele, bass, marimba, xylophone

Written, recorded, and performed by Curtis M.

Lingala translation assistance on "Ishango" by Deogratias Bokonzi

Special thanks to my family, Dave Emmerson, Angela Grant, Dr. Y., Jeannette Jonic, Oscar Villalpando, Essence Tillery, Dave Hawkins from The Antidote, Josh Mozug, Gareth Sitz, Kreb, Ben Richardson, Peter Kruse, Zenas Hopson, Deogratias Bokonzi, Xena from We Hold All Truths to Be Self-Evident, Terrance Crow, Rodrovich, Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime, Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews, K from K at the Movies, Dr. Mumbi Seraki, and you.

Even greater thanks to those innovators I referenced in this album and those in the future...




Ospreyshire Illinois

Spoken word verses coalesce with brief acousmatic and experimental noises in such urgent timing. This microcosm of experimentation is the M.O. of Curtis M. AKA Ospreyshire. Is he a poet who dabbles in the avant-garde or an abstract artist who uses free verse poems? Ospreyshire could care less and just release these crystalized moments in sonic form. ... more

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